Diagrams In Hakyll!

Posted on June 23, 2018 by Noon van der Silk

I stumbled across this blogpost of Corentin Dupont where he put together a library that allows you to modify your hakyll blog so that you can have inline diagrams! As anyone knows, this was amazingly exciting to me, because I love diagrams.

So I quickly tried to set it up; but, much to my sadness it didn’t immediately work.

Luckily, however, I was able to make it worked by hacking around in the two relevant repos:

The main result is a function, pandocCompilerDiagrams, that I included into my hakyll site file like so:

match "posts/*" $ do
    route $ setExtension "html"
    compile $ 
            (pandocCompilerDiagrams "images/diagrams" <|> pandocMathCompiler)
        >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/post.html"    postCtx
        >>= saveSnapshot "content"
        >>= loadAndApplyTemplate "templates/default.html" postCtx
        >>= relativizeUrls

And so now, I can have inline diagrams! Check it out:

Imagine we had a circle:

example = circle 1

But now, what if the circle was repeated 5 times

example = hcat (take 5 $ repeat (circle 1))


To celebrate, let’s draw the Sierpinksi triangle:

The basic building block:

sierp d = d === (d ||| d) # centerXY
example = sierp (triangle 1)

Let’s go!

sierp d = d === (d ||| d) # centerXY
example = foldl (\d _ -> sierp d) (triangle 1) [1..3]


import Data.Colour.Palette.ColorSet

color n = rybColor (n*2)
sierp d n = d1 === (d2 ||| d2) # centerX
        d1 = d # bg (color n)
        d2 = d # bg (color (n+1))

example = foldl step d0 [0..5]
        d0       = triangle 1 # lw 0
        step d n = sierp d (n*2)

Happy days!