Deep Learning Dance Smackdown!

Posted on August 28, 2017 by Noon van der Silk

For the final event of the Melbourne Creative AI meetup this year I thought we’d run a small, fun, competition - a deep learning dance smackdown.

The event details are on Meetup.


The basic idea is, build a program that (does something like):

  1. Watches a dance,
  2. and then, Responds with a dance.

The exact format is flexible; some options would be:

  1. Watch a video, learn the poses, respond with a dance,
  2. Listen to audio, learn how to dance to the beat,
  3. Watch a bunch of dances in joint/pose format, and then respond with dances in this same format,
  4. Something else!

You may like to use:

The format on the night will simply be to show how your particular idea works. It could be interactive, it could be online, it could be a presentation, it could be embodied in an robot! I leave it to your imagination.


The prize on the night will be one of the Evolution of Dance T-Shirts:

How to join … !

If you want to participate, then just send me an email, or just come along on the night with something to show!

Keep in mind …

The Three Laws of Robotic Dancing (courtesy of andyg)

  1. A dance robot may not out-dance a human being or, through dance, allow a human being to be embarrassed.
  2. A dance robot must complement the movements given it by human beings except where such dance moves would conflict with the First Law or good taste.
  3. A dance robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws and the conservation of angular momentum.