You run, I run

Posted on July 18, 2014 by Noon van der Silk

While walking through the city yesterday I came up with a new way to try and get some exercise. I call it “you run, I run”, and the way it works is, as the practioner of this technique, if you see any other person running or jogging for some reason (to catch the tram, to cross the lights, etc) then you yourself must also jog for either a block or 20 seconds or so.

I did it for my whole walk through the city, and found that I actually ended up running most of the way. The reason is I passed several tram stops, and so naturally there was the odd person running to catch it.

I also found it made me very aware of all the people around me - I was constantly on the lookout to see who may be running.

I like this idea because it kind of grows exponentially - if several people are doing it, then if just one person runs by, it will set off a chain of runners. Then we can identify each other.

Anyway, it’s fun. Maybe it will catch on!