On me ...

Posted on April 20, 2014 by Noon van der Silk

Following Jay, On me, 14 March 2014, I have the following things on me.


Front right: Brown wallet (ANZ cards, one not activated, ASP card, driver’s license, university card, $40 cash, a Myki, two hand-made business cards, one receipt written in Arabic, two “You are not alllowed to pass until you decide about your future” pieces of paper, Burstin and Partners business card, Biarri business card, ANZ business card, Spudbar card with free potato waiting, receipt for bike repairs, I.R.L. shooter business card, Electron Workshop business card, driver’s license renewal document, colour run sticker, tiny tiny notebook for phone numbers with one number in it (a hairdresser), Castro’s coffee card, and about 5 “You are not allowed to pass…” notes in a hidden compartment).

Because I am sitting at my desk, I don’t have my keys or phone in my pocket, so I exclude those from consideration.

Front left: Handkerchief.

Back pockets: Empty.


Front pocket: Handerchieft, and a small rock.

Second front pocket: Assortment of Allen keys, portable box of personal grooming things (nail clippers, etc), several paper “clamps”? $13.30 in coins from Australia.

Main pocket: Several pieces of scrap paper, more paper clamps, a bottle cap, “Approximation Algorithms”, a single bandaid, panadol, and a purple pencil.